Custom furniture

Thanks to its know-how in fixture manufacture, Cindarella can adapt to your fixture personalisation needs.

Coatings and laminates

We offer you the choice of among 60 coatings for your chairs and sinks and 30 laminated wood finishes for your units.

Our highly-qualified upholstery workshop produces tone-on-tone or contrasting stitching on demand. All you have to do is decide from among all the possible combinations!

Your logo

Cindarella personalises your chairs and wash basins with the name of your salon or school. Using either screen-printing (printing on fabric) or hot-stamping, we can apply your logo to the place of your choice.

Let us personalise your fixtures. We can even print-stamp your name and logo onto your wooden units.

Feel free to contact us with all your personalisation enquiries.

Furniture fitted to your salon

By controlling the complete production cycle, Cindarella is able to satisfy your bespoke fixture requirements.

We can adapt a catalogue product to your space and to suit your needs: styling units, storage fixtures or units.

Cindarella also produces special units on request (lab fixtures, reception desks, display cabinets, etc.), adapted to your space constraints. We manufacture your unit made-to-measure from your own designs or interior layout plan.

Feel free to contact us with all your personalisation enquiries.

Consulting layout

Cindarella assists you with the interior planning of your salon, from layouts to advice on the choice of decoration.

We produce the layout plan with your help, including sketches and free-hand 3D plans, to help you envisage the final view. Together, we can define the fixtures adapted to your search criteria and to the world you wish to create within your space. Where required, we can also produce bespoke units.

We will also advise you on the choice of floor and wall coverings and on the colour scheme required to decorate the space according to your requirements and the atmosphere you are seeking. The promotion of your professional space is of paramount importance, Cindarella therefore also assists in the choice of lighting adapted to the different areas of the salon (styling, retail, etc..).

Feel free to contact us with all your personalisation enquiries.