Cindarella offers a 5-year guarantee for shampoo basin structures, a 3-year guarantee for plumbing fixtures and a 2-year guarantee for all other parts.

The guarantee covers free replacement or repairs of the product or component found defective following assessment by our services, to the exclusion of any other compensation. The guarantee certificate is required as proof of purchase.

To be claimed under the guarantee, the product must first be submitted to our after-sales service whose approval is required before any replacement can be made. The guarantee does not apply to products whose defects and deterioration have been caused by wear and tear, by an external accident or by intentional or wilful error (incorrect set-up, improper installation, poor maintenance, abnormal or inappropriate use, theft, a fall or impact from another object, improper storage, fire, discolouration due to light, humidity or excessive dry heat, power cuts, scratches, etc.) as well as products that have undergone modifications that are neither provided for nor specified by Cindarella. Similarly, the guarantee does not apply to visible defects.

Interventions carried out under the guarantee do not extend the duration of the guarantee.