Matta & Partners


The designer-architect, Guido Matta, has been collaborating with the hairdressing sector for 15 years: he uses his expertise in the layout of hairdressing salons and academies as well as in furniture and stand design for professional salons (L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Shu Uemura …). His creations are clearly focussed on delivering comfort and well-being, not to mention functionality and integrating cutting-edge technology.

An expert in sustainable architecture, his work is based on clean lines and the use of new and innovative materials. The idea of Cindarella and Matta & Partners joining forces seemed like a natural fit to create a sustainable furniture range, Biovision, using new materials and new production methods.

Fabio Evangelista


With a degree in architecture, Fabio Evangelista has worked with leading businesses focussing his work on structural resistance and the aesthetic quality of materials such as plexiglas, wood, stainless steel and textiles.

His creations are based on aesthetic simplicity and product functionality. Objects are formed simply, with sinuous and elusive lines which break off to head in the opposite direction. Collaboration with Cindarella seemed an obvious choice, especially due to his work with plexiglas. Signing the hairdressers Loop and Arcade (Arcade Square, Arcade Round) is in perfect alignment with his design vision: they stand out from the rest of the catalogue thanks to their simple and elusive lines. Now, he uses the ancestral technique of origami as a basis for his work with sheets of stainless steel.



At the age of 19, Ora-Ito became renowned the world over by turning the products of major international brands into 3D. In his own design studio, he develops a range of projects, across all sectors and works with the biggest companies and the most prestigious furniture producers: Thierry Mugler, Adidas, Kenzo, L’Oréal Professionnel, Guerlain, Habitat, Zanotta, Artemide, Cappellini… His philosophy, “simplicity”, consists of offering the consumer an object with a simple appearance, void of any complications, which intelligently and invisibly integrates the constraints and complexity of the product. His creations combine formal aesthetics with functional rationalism, through a timeless and universal design.

It was true to this philosophy back in 2006 that he created, in partnership with Cindarella, an avant-garde design range which carries his name. This new collection is the reflection of Cindarella’s traditional know-how transported into the future by the forward-thinking talent from the designer’s studio. Simple dimensions giving a clean, efficient silhouette, make up the Ora-Ito range, which spans armchairs, mirrored units, reception desks and massage tables, evoking a future of absolute purity.



Studio director at Ruadelpapavero, Matteo Neroni explores industrial , interior design and graphics, constantly seeking out new materials and new technologies, always with new challenges in mind.

Given the current context, Matteo Neroni is focussing his work on usable and affordable design, without forgetting the growing interest in sustainable development. All of these influences have driven the studio Ruadelpapavero to combine the use of traditional materials with innovative technologies. His philosophy is underpinned by the union of simplicity and technology. His designs are both simple and easy to use, integrating a high level of technology, while at the same time overcoming practical and technical constraints.

Transmitting emotions through technology and apparent simplicity is the mission of the Ruadelpapavero’s studio and its director, Matteo Neroni. This philosophy was what led Cindarella to collaborate with the designer. Through a desire to propose creations which would allow room for emotion and step away from overly conventional designs, Cindarella has marketed its Fusion styling unit. It brings this philosophy to life by combining simple lines and high technical quality in the making of its products.

Design Pool


Fully conscious of the constraints imposed by the business environment and product development, Jean-Pierre Vitrac and Jeremy Morgan visualise products aesthetically, technologically and functionally. Combining product design and industrial design, they base their work on the exchange of creative ideas, on product realisation and development.

Working in close cooperation, Cindarella and the design agency developed the first line of salon furniture designed to combat muscular back pain, Cocoon. By integrating a new technology into this market, the collection is characterised by design made up ergonomic and comfortable lines. This Cocoon collection matches functionality and technology perfectly with aesthetics; the three pillars of Design Pool’s philosophy.